GoMax Electronics is a Taiwan-based professional video and audio integration ODM company. Video processing, transmission, and conversion are all its expertise.

      With the strict requirement for high quality in R&D and manufacture, GoMax wants to challenge itself to exactly meet customer's demand. Therefore, no matter it is finished goods with/without fully package or just PCBA, we can fulfill all of your concern of being fine and unique.

      With the whole product lineup designed and made in Taiwan, your request for high quality and reliability is well-handled in our hands.

      Major focus areas

      Video Processing - multi-view video processor, multi-display videowall processor, pattern generator
      Video Transmission – high speed & high bandwidth audio & video over UTP (Cat-5/5e/6), coaxial, or fiber
      Video Conversion – format conversion among HDMI, DVI, DP, SDI, VGA, component, and composite in the forms of splitter, switcher, matrix, and dongle
      Live A/V Streaming - A/V over IP using H.264 & 265 or 3rd party proprietary codec, A/V capture over USB & PCIe

      By utilizing our products, you can provide total solutions on
      Video Wall
      Home Theater
      Digital Signage
      HD Surveilliance
      Post Production
      Live Streaming
      Work from Home
      Public Broadcasting

      Top-notch PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and QC in production

      In GoMax, we only use the industrial PC level PCB fabricator and the one of the best EMS in Taiwan, Top Union, for PCB assembly and QC because we know both of your reputation and profitability and ours are at stake


      Top-notch artwork design in merchandising

      In GoMax, we have a team of professional artwork specialist to help you in every aspect of artwork design in merchandising including housing, silkscreen, labels, manual, and package box so you can save your cost in hiring artwork designer and enjoy better profitability.
      Flexible customization in ODM/OEM
      In GoMax, we understand how important to have your own exclusiveness of your products to stand out from others in the market. We are more than welcome to help you gain your own identity for your products with the level of your commitment.

      Flexible options in purchasing


      Low Minimum Order Quantity

      GoMax has been trying the best to lower the threshold to make you run a startup business more easily.
      Anytime, you are allowed to carry out daring attempts on our electronics products to test your markets
      in desired quantities before putting some more money in broadening your product lineup as time goes by.
      No longer do you have to worry about ever incresing cost of inventory when opening more market with our products !!!

      Just PCBA is OK!

      In GoMax, we don't necessary only serve you in full packaged products. We are more than happy to serve you in the form of assembled PCB only or with accessories. The purchase option is all at your choice.