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Analog Series
VGA/Component Extender over Cat.X with Audio, RS-232, PS/2, and Bi-directional IR
  • Supports up to WUXGA [1920x1200@60] or UXGA [1600x1200@60] to 330m (1,000ft).
  • Supports 720p component video signal to 330m (1,000ft).
  • Supports RS-232 half-duplex & bi-directional IR pass-through.
  • Supports analog stereo audio and digital S/PDIF stereo audio.
  • Supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse extension.
  • Video and audio local out on transmitting unit for easy monitoring.
  • Adjustable equalization and gain control on receiving unit for signal tuning.
  • Wall mounting case & interlocked power jack for better fixedness.

With only one cost effective Cat-5/5e/6 cable, the CV-947 lets you extend VGA (at WUXGA) or 720p component video, bi-directional IR control and half-duplex serial RS-232 at the same time to cover the distance up to 330m (1,000ft). The CV-947 comes in a set of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitting unit CV-947-TX is installed near the signal source, and the receiving unit CV-947-RX is placed near the desired VGA display. With the built-in equalization and signal gain control, the transmission path can be adjusted to adapt the cable quality and video bandwidth. With commonly obtainable VGA-component breakout cables connected to the VGA ports, the extender can support to transmit the component video for 330m (1,000ft) as well.
CV-947 also can extend popular PS/2 keyboard and mouse signal up to 330m (1,000ft). With this computer control path, CV-947 makes long range KVM applications more cost effective and with no video or audio compression!


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  Model : CV-917R
Product Description : VGA/component/composite & audio repeater over cat.X with RGB delay control
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