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DVI Series
DVI extender over single cat.X Direct Plug-in Extender
  • DVI 1.1 compliant
  • Extend the transmission length from the sources up to 60m (200ft) under XGA (1024x768@60Hz) or 25m (80ft) under UXGA (1920x1200@60Hz)1
  • Identical units work at both transmitting and receiving end. Easy to install.
  • No external power required
  • Spare mini USB +5V power socket2
  • Compact size
  • Direct plug-in
  • Perfectly integrated with other DVI over CAT5 series products

The CV-147 DVI over Single CAT5 Direct Plug-in Extender extends your PC DVI transmission distance up to 60m (200ft) with resolution 1024x768 @60Hz. With CV-147, users can transmit high quality digital video of PC applications through one cost effective CAT-5/5e LAN cable to the remote monitor or projector, instead of using short and expensive DVI cables. With embedded EDID inside the extender, your PC will continue to send the digital video even when the monitor is not connected. The user can then disconnects the monitor, place it in a remote location and reconnect it without rebooting the operating system.
The CV-147 includes two identical units: transmitting and receiving units. The transmitting unit is connected to your PC DVI output and the receiving unit is connected to the monitor or projector. While successfully connected, the two LED lights on each RJ-45 connector will blink. The transmission distance between the transmitting and receiving units can be up to 60m (200ft) under XGA (1024x768@60Hz) or 25m (80ft) under UXGA (1920x1200@60Hz). With compact size and requiring no power, CV-147 is the most cost effective choice for bringing your impressive digital video to the remote display.


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