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128x24 Full Color LED Matrix Displays(Control Board Included)
  • True color 1.5 inch (37.02mm) 8x8 LED matrix design
  • Low power consumption
  • DVI or USB video input
  • USB control for communication and firmware update
  • Free USB video drivers available for Linux and Windows
  • DVI bandwidth up to 165 MHz
  • USB bandwidth up to 30 Mbps
  • Build-in video patterns for visual uniformity inspection

This 128x24 Super Bright Full Color Miniature LED Panel for Indoor Digital Signage Applications is the most modern super high bright LED modules for indoor digital signage uses! Equipped with controller which allows the LED panel to have real time video from legacy DVI or USB connector, make this LED panel attractive for digital signage applications. Using the provided software, the installer can assign the capture display area, which is 128 by 24 in terms of pixel size, in normal DVI bitstream from DVI input or dedicate one display area in the screen for USB transmission. LED-0316 offers the most convenient and cost effective solution for eye catching LED signage systems and make true color display possible for indoor LED panel.
The capability to run real time video applications makes LED-0316 suitable for the most demanding applications, such as gambling or video game machines! LED-0316 also is good for any other indoor digital signage scenarios including shopping mall, cinema, and bus.


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