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RS-232 extender over cat.X for cascading
  • Sends RS-232 data up to 1,000m (1,100yds)
  • Real time pure hardware solution
  • Extra RJ-45 for cascading
  • Compact size
  • CV-87C offers the ability of cascading; the remote units can be cascaded up to 32 devices

With only one CAT-5e cable, the CV-87 series lets you extend RS-232 signal to cover the distance up to 1,000m (1,100 yards). The devices are composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is installed near the serial signal source, and the receiver is placed near the destined device. For CV-87P, the RX and TX relationship between source and destination units are adjustable through the settings of DIP switches. After finishing the setup, the serial connection has a fixed communication channel between local and remote sites. For CV-87C, the same source unit as CV-87P, but on the receiving side, the receivers can be cascadable up to 32 units. This structure allows users to control tens of remote units through single Cat-5 cable. Typical applications include security alarm system, POS system, dumb terminal, etc.


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