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WP-57C (EU; 1 Gang)
HDMI wall plate extender over dual cat.X with IR Pass-Through
  • Support HDMI Deep Color & full 3D
  • HDCP compliant
  • Extends HDMI signals to 40m over CAT5e at 1080p and likely longer with better HDMI source device, better grade HDMI display, and better quality solid CAT6/7 cable
  • Extends HDMI signals to 60m over CAT5e at 1080i or 720p and likely longer with better HDMI source device, better grade HDMI display, and better quality solid CAT6/7 cable
  • Purely unaltered uncompressed 7.1ch digital HDMI transmission
  • Embedded IR pass-through from RX to TX for controlling source devices
  • Minimizes the cable skew by adjustable 8-level equalization control
  • Easy installation with wall-plate mounting design

The WP-57C HDMI Wall Plate Extender over Cat.X with IR boosts up the HDMI audio/video transmission distance up to 60m in HDTV 720p/1080i format. With two low cost Cat-5/5e/6 cables, users can readily extend HDTV sources from DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, PS3, PC, and any other kinds of sources compliant with TMDS to distant displays such as HDMI enabled TV sets, LCD PC monitors, or projectors. This cost effective flexibility makes HDCP compliant source devices transmit high quality video and audio over great distance at the minimal cost for wall plate application. In addition, with the embedded infrared [IR] receiver and blaster to facilitate the IR pass-through, users can enjoy high quality audio/video and control the HDMI sources from the remote site instantly.
The WP-57C is consisted of transmitting unit and receiving unit. The transmitting unit is used to transfer the HDMI and IR signals input and carry the signals through two RJ45 connectors over two low cost Cat-5/5e/6 cables. The receiving unit is responsible for equalizing transferred TMDS multimedia data and re-sending IR signals. The transmission distance between the sending and receiving units can be up to 60m under HD resolution 720p or 1080i, or 40m under Full HD resolution 1080p. With 8-level equalization control at the receiving unit, users can adjust the optimal equalization to the received HDMI signals to find the best audio/video quality.


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  Model : CV-55R
Product Description : HDMI repeater with IR
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